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How To Use The Dyson Belt Lifter Tool

So, you have gotten yourself the hard-to-get Dyson belt lifter tool. This is the special tool that allows you to stretch the belt on a clutched Dyson, lock it in position, and keep it in one place while you remove the brush bar (brush roll). So you are looking at the strange little pronged device and want to know […]

Dyson Repair Special Tool Kit Now Available

If you repair Dyson vacuum cleaners, you need to know where to get the special tools you will need to do so. If you are going to repair many different types of Dyson vacuum cleaners, you can’t do it without the special tools. Dyson won’t sell you the tools, they wont even tell you which ones you need.  Until now, nobody put all the […]

Dyson Belt & Brush Bar Removal Tool for the DC04, DC07 and DC14.

For a long time, Dyson engineers in the UK have wanted to find a belt removal tool. A tool to lift up the belt on DC04’s, DC07’s and DC14’s to allow the brush bar to be removed easily. Most vacuum cleaner repair shops have either been using home-made belt removal tools or they struggle with a selection of other […]

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