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About The Dyson DC23 DC32 Motor YV 16K24B

You may be unlucky enough to have have acquired a Dyson DC23 (called a DC32 in Australia) that needs stripping down to replace the motor. That being the case, there are a few things you need to know about it. The Dyson DC23 is fitted with a YDK motor which is very similar to other Dyson YDK […]

How to change the belt on a Dyson DC17

Looking for how to change the belt on a Dyson DC17? You came to the right place. The Dyson DC17 is a US market model. It doesn’t feature ball technology. It features an auto-adjusting cleaner head and the usual technology including the 16 ft quick draw wand and hose. It has a large debris channel to pick up […]

Dyson DC17 User Instruction Manual

Looking for an original Dyson instruction and operating manual for your Dyson DC17? You have come to the right place. When you buy a used or a reconditioned Dyson, unless you have acquired it from a meticulous old lady who had it from new, you are unlikely to have got the original user manual. Many people are […]

Sourcing a DC14 Cyclone Handle Top

You may be searching for a replacement Dyson DC14 cyclone top handle. You may call it a bin handle or a canister handle. It is the handle you tend to lift the Dyson with. It is also the handle you would carry the cyclone unit with when it is removed from your Dyson. These handles do not […]

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