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The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Forums Newsletter

Hello Dyson Enthusiast, As a member of the Dyson Forums, we just wanted to take an opportunity to bring you up to date with a few happenings, a few special offers and a handful of other things that may be of interest to you. Although the forums were only recently added to our site, they […]

Is the DC24 brush bar motor the same as the DC25 brushbar motor?

Is the DC24 brush bar motor the same as the DC25 brushbar motor? Can one be adapted to fit the other? As Dyson technical folks, these are questions we are often asked. The reason is, that Dyson refuse to make available the brushbar motor for the DC25. No, we don’t know why either. You can find out more […]

All about the DC25 brush bar motor

Looking for information on the DC25 brush bar motor? You found it. Many people seeking to repair their Dyson DC25 end up looking for a replacement DC25 brush bar motor. The bad news is that they are not actually available yet. There are certain parts that Dyson refuse to make available to the public, which is understandable […]

An interview with James Dyson

James Dyson has made millions by allowing us to see the dirt we suck up. As he calls for more inventors, Lucy Siegle asks him about manufacturing abroad, design disasters and whether he could build a nuclear reactor. I am at Dyson HQ in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, the beacon of British industrialism, which is not a […]

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