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All About The Dyson DC04 Zorbster

“Do you have any information about the Dyson Zorbster?” many people ask. The Dyson DC04 Zorbster was made in grey and lavender. These were designed to double up as a carpet dry cleaning machine. They have an aperture on the front of the body that one can fit a hopper to that dispenses Zorb crystals […]

Dyson DC04 Wand Cap & Spring Fitting Tutorial

We had a couple of emails recently asking how to fit a wand cap and/or a top end cap spring to a Dyson DC04. As with many jobs on Dyson vacuum cleaners, it is very simple when someone shows you how. The end cap (top cap) is the bit on the very top of the […]

How to Replace the Brush Bar Motor on a Dyson DC24

How to Replace the Brush Bar Motor on a Dyson DC24: Maybe you have read our other article: Dyson DC24 Brush Bar Motor which describes what to check if your brush bar (brush roll) on your Dyson DC24 isn’t turning? To recap, before we suspect the worst, look to the front of the machine on the cleaner brush head. On the left […]

How to Install a Replacement Dyson DC07 Bin Flap.

Dyson DC07 Bin Flap: This article will show you how to install a replacement dust bin canister bin flap on a Dyson DC07. The bin flap on your Dyson DC07 can break. Dyson do not sell bin flaps on their own, but you can get a second hand recycled one quite easily in the UK […]

Dyson DC08: Changing or Cleaning the Washable Filter

Washing or changing the pre-motor filter on a Dyson DC08: If you have a Dyson DC08 that isn’t sucking too well any more, or is cutting out after a short use, you may well need to check the washable filter. Many people do not know the location of their washable filter; or indeed that it is washable at all. […]

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