£18 for a Stubborn Dirt Brush? Really Mr Dyson?

The stubborn dirt brush is slightly better at some tasks than the standard brush tool.

It has much stiffer bristles and really allows you to get stuck into stuff like dried on mud and the various detritus that kids leave all over houses and cars.

OK, so its a nice and handy little tool and a nice addition to the standard tools that come with your Dyson.

But look on Dyson’s website: They cost £15 plus £3 delivery bringing them to an eye-watering £18.

Eighteen quid? kater

Doesn’t Mr Dyson have enough money that he can afford to sell this item that must cost pennies to produce in Malaysia for somewhat less than that?

stubborn dirt brush

I don’t think profit is a dirty word, but nor is value-for-money an alien concept!

So as ever, off we go to save Dyson Medic readers some money.

We have found them at £4.99. Here is the deal: >>Dyson stubborn dirt tool<<

If you spend £25 on site, you can select free delivery. If you choose to buy only that item, delivery is £2.99 which makes a total saving of over £10. Best Buy

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